How Do You Make An Arnold Palmer Cocktail?

The Arnold Palmer is a refreshing and classic cocktail incorporating the best of both worlds: iced tea and lemonade. This beverage, named for the legendary American golfer Arnold Palmer, achieves the ideal balance between tea’s briskness and lemonade’s tanginess. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or merely seeking a thirst-quenching drink, mastering the art of making an Arnold Palmer is a delightful journey. This article will walk you through the history, ingredients, and step-by-step process of making this iconic drink at home.

Why Is It Called a Spiked Arnold Palmer?

The beverage is known as “Arnold Palmer” because it is named after the professional golfer Arnold Palmer. Supposedly, Arnold Palmer requested a combination of iced tea and lemonade at a restaurant or golf club, and the beverage became his favorite and was subsequently named after him. 

A refreshing and thirst-quenching beverage, the Arnold Palmer cocktail is a fitting tribute to the golfer who brought pleasure to millions of fans.

Arnold Palmer Cocktail

The Arnold Palmer cocktail is a concoction of iced tea and lemonade with a kick of bourbon whiskey, making it the ideal summer beverage.


Prep Time: 5 Minutes
Total Time: 5 Minutes

Mixing Equipment

For a delectable Arnold Palmer, you will need the following:

  • Pitcher: Used for mixing and dispensing liquids.
  • Stirring Spoon: To combine the lemonade and tea.
  • Glasses: To serve chilled beverages in glasses.
  • Ice Cubes: To chill your Arnold Palmer.


By The Glass

  • Four ounces of iced tea, sweet or unsweet
  • 2 ounces of lemonade.
  • 2 ounces of bourbon whiskey
  • Ice

By The Pitcher

  • Four ounces of iced tea, sweet or unsweet
  • 2 ounces of lemonade.
  • 2 ounces of bourbon whiskey
  • Ice


By The Glass

  • At least halfway, fill your glass with ice. 
  • The lemonade, liquor, and tea are measured and poured. Adjust flavor as necessary after stirring. 
  • Lemon slices or segments should be used as garnish. 

By The Pitcher

  • The pitcher should contain lemonade, alcohol, and tea. Until ready to serve, cover and refrigerate.
  • Stir and add ice and lemon segments to the pitcher immediately before serving.


  1. Different alcoholic beverages: Examine vodka, rum, and even tequila. The vodka version is commonly called a “John Daly” cocktail.
  2. Raspberry Arnold Palmer: Give the cocktail a fruity twist by adding raspberry syrup or crushed raspberries. This variation contributes a tinge of sweetness and a vibrant hue.
  3. Strawberry Arnold Palmer: Similar to the raspberry variation, you can add strawberry nectar or crushed strawberries to impart a delicious flavor.
  4. Mint Arnold Palmer: Fresh mint leaves should be muddled with the cocktail to add a refreshing flavor. This variation pairs well with the flavors of tea and lemonade.
  5. Ginger Arnold Palmer: For a spicy twist, add a splash of ginger syrup or muddled raw ginger to an Arnold Palmer. The ginger lends a zesty and energizing component.
  6. Peach Arnold Palmer: Incorporate the essence of mature peaches into the cocktail by adding peach syrup, puree, or fresh peach slices. This variation imparts a delicate sweetness and a refreshing taste.

Tips For The Perfect Arnold Palmer

Consider the following recommendations to enhance your experience with Arnold Palmer.

  • For the finest flavor, use premium tea leaves or tea bags.
  • The most authentic lemonade flavor is produced by freshly strained lemon juice.
  • Add more or less sugar to adjust the sweetness to your taste.
  • Experiment with various tea-to-lemonade ratios to discover the ideal combination.
  • Pour your Arnold Palmer into a tall glass with ice for maximum refreshment.

Health Benefits

The Arnold Palmer cocktail, which combines chilled tea and lemonade, has several possible health benefits:

  • Hydration: Arnold Palmer’s base ingredients, tea and lemonade, are predominantly water. Hydration is crucial for overall health, and beverages like the Arnold Palmer can contribute to the daily fluid intake.
  • Antioxidants: Catechins and other antioxidants are abundant in tea, specifically green tea. These antioxidants may aid in protecting cells from oxidative injury and lowering the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Vitamin C: Lemonade made with freshly strained lemon juice is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is renowned for its immune-boosting properties and role in collagen production, which promotes skin health.
  • Low in Calories: When prepared with minimal sugar or sweeteners, Arnold Palmer can be a low-calorie drink compared to sweetened soft drinks and other cocktails.
  • Digestive Aid: Lemonade can have a moderate digestive effect and may help alleviate indigestion or bloating in certain individuals.
  • Mood Enhancement: The reviving flavor of Arnold Palmer can provide a mood lift, making it a delightful choice for relaxation or social gatherings.

The Arnold Palmer cocktail, created from a golfer’s simple request, has become a beloved classic known for its perfect balance of tea and lemonade. Whether you’re playing a round of golf, hosting a summer party, or just looking for a refreshing drink, the Arnold Palmer never disappoints. Now that you know the history behind this iconic drink and how to make it yourself, it’s time to raise a glass and toast the classic taste of Arnold Palmer.

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